Welcome to the brand new blog for Nic Granleese.

I’ve been meaning to start this blog for quite some time, but i didn’t want to until i had a clear focus on what i would write about. I didn’t want to do a diary style blog, which just talks about myself.  Really, my day to day life isn’t worth writing a page a day for. Instead i wanted to have a focus and an outcome. I decided i should share some of the skills I’ve learnt about architectural photography, but present it from the perspective of an architect. I think that perspective has been missing and is valuable for other architects wanting to create content (not just images) of their projects and share them with the world. That last part is pretty important. If you’re an architect, it’s not enough to just take a photo, you need to know what to do with it and how to get it out there. You need to get it published and if you’re smart you’re going to want to tap into the sharing phenomenon of social media and the internet. So i’ll be talking about the “how to” skills of architectural photography, but also combining it with social media goodness, some thoughts on architectural media generally, behind the scenes info on how i create the images i do, and interviews with people i meet along the way.

But didn’t i mention an outcome? An ebook titled Architectural Photography for Architects is in the pipeline and i want to use this blog as a place to test ideas, to get feedback and to involve as many of you as possible in the process. So please contribute by commenting on posts. Tell me your point of view and correct me if you think I’ve got something wrong. To follow along, subscribe to the blog via the sign up form on the right.

Hope you enjoy,

Nic Granleese