Let’s start off by understanding that not all social media platforms are made equal. You can’t just choose one over another and think it is going to have the same effect. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google Plus are all very different beasts and most importantly, they have different communities. They have different groups of real, living people behind them. So even if you had two identical platforms they could in fact function very differently because of this. (Apologies for repeating the word different so many times, but I think you get the message)

This also means that Twitter (and other social media platforms) work differently for different industries and user groups. So just because one company finds Facebook an amazing advertising engine, it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for architects.

So what is it that makes Twitter so valuable for architects and architectural photographers? One really big reason is that almost every editor of every architecture magazine or blog in the world can be found on Twitter. This may not seem obvious at first because they’re jumbled up with 300 million other users, but they are there. And they’re actively using Twitter to find content, to monitor the architectural community for trending topics, and to connect with people and build relationships. Twitter is like a big telephone directory of people who want to share your projects with the world. That’s incredibly powerful if you know how to use it.