I met up with a journo with about 20 years of newspaper experience in architectural media last week. We talked about how architects engage with the media and it was fascinating to hear their point of view, and also some of their frustrations when working with architects. A big issue they raised was architects responding too slowly when approached by the media. Journalists are often working with extremely tight deadlines, so if you can’t move at that same pace, you’re going to miss the media boat. It becomes even worse when you get a name for being slow or unhelpful. So when you get that phone call from a journalist it probably means they want something now. Not in a week, not in a month, but now. So, how do you deal with this insanely short response time? Easy. It’s all about preparation. You collect all the things you think a journalist is likely to ask you for and create a media kit for your projects. Once your media kit is ready, responding to a journalist can be as fast as an email. Here’s a few common things to include:

The Architect’s Media kit Checklist

  • Hi Res images of the project
  • The photographer’s release to use the images
  • A 500 word architect’s statement (Remember to avoid architect speak. Often the audience is going to be non-architects)
  • Several quotes about the project (They could be from the architect, client or another media source)
  • List of the project team (Engineers, builders, client etc)
  • Common project details including address, commendations, etc
  • Key facts about the project (ie, it consumes 25% less energy than a typical building of it’s kind…)
  • Background information about the practice, including past awards
  • Profile images of key personal involved and a short bio for each
  • A nominated media contact person

Update – You can now download my media kit template

I’ve been working with architects and journalists to create a media kit for my clients projects that combines the architectural photography that I create with information about the project. The idea is to provide the media with everything they need to create an article and maximise the chances of getting published. I’ve gone through quite a few iterations and now have a template that you can use too. When time permits i’m also going to create some additional material to teach architects how to use the template and get published more often. Enjoy.

The Architects Media Kit

You can now get a copy the architect’s media kit. This is the template I use for architects who want to package architectural photography and information about their project into a neat little document ready for the media. The idea is to provide everything that a journalist, blogger or freelance writer would need to be able to create an article right now. It’s all about being proactive in getting published and being prepared for media requests.

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