I received an unexpected email from a guy called Jon Denham (find him on Twitter here) this week asking me how i started in architectural photography. We swapped a couple emails and I thought it might be worth sharing them with the rest of the world.

Dear Nic,
I am currently working on a portfolio of images to get me started and wanted to know if you can recommend any good ways to build one up. I am mainly interested in photographing architecture but definitely not limited to that area and was wandering how you began.

When you started, how did you go about researching building to photograph? Do you recommend noting down places and visiting them on a weekly basis to work on.

Any help you can give would be much appreciated, but I can understand if you get this very often or you are busy.

Thanks a lot

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the email. Some really good questions there. Would you mind if I write a blog post with your question?
The short version is that I’m an architect so photographing architecture was an extension of that. I needed a creative outlet from my day to day work, so on the weekend i started to explore with my camera. I didn’t start with super star buildings, I just found quirky buildings that interested me. Things like old barn sheds and water towers. I tried to find something amazing in the ordinary. In time though I started to create a list of the dream buildings i wanted to photograph and i just decided i would go there. I didn’t wait for someone to ask me to photograph a building, I just booked my ticket and went there. That’s how I ended up taking photos from around the world. In the mean time I was posting my photos online using Flickr and Twitter and Facebook and before too long other architects were asking me to photograph their projects.
Hope that helps.