Last week over in Twitter world @BVNArchitecture found a very cool Photoshop tool for architectural photography. It’s called puppet warp and can be found in photoshop under Edit > Puppet Warp. What it does is allow you to warp an image via a number of pins that you place over the image. What this means for architectural photography is that you can control and correct perspective via a number of anchor points. Now of course getting your perspective right in the first place is a smart approach, but if you don’t have expensive tilt shift lenses then that may not be an option. This tool not only overcomes perspective issues, but gives you local control, rather than all of image perspective correction.  When I first saw it I thought, wow this is powerful, but after going through a few youtube clips this tool is downright scary! The power is not just in perspective correction, but in complete image manipulation. This is probably going to freak out many photography purists out there, but for architects there are a whole lot of applications during the design phase where you need to create renderings and adjust images of exiting conditions. This tool may be just what you’re looking for.

Here’s a clip that blew my mind. Check out the first two minutes and see how you can separate an old tree that’s grown and wrapped over a building, and then add anchor points to the tree and change the direction of the warped trunk. (There’s also another architecture example at the 4.15 minute  mark.)