[update] We have a new micro site for architectural photography workshops with dates around Australia. You can find it here: www.workshops.nicgranleese.com


A quick interruption to normal broadcasting…

We have some news. We’re going to running an architectural photography workshop in Melbourne in July! It’s our first one, so it’s pretty exciting.  You can check out the full details here, but the title pretty much sums it up, “Going from auto to the hero shot in one day.” How did this all come about? Doing a workshop had crossed my mind about 6 months ago, but like many things the idea had sat on the back burner until last week when a friend asked me if i could spend a day with his wife and teach them a thing or two about architectural photography. A few emails back and forth, some location scouting and venue bookings and wala, the one day of tutoring transformed into a workshop. Something which is going to make it a lot of fun is at the end of the day we’re going to put what we’ve learnt into practice and do a guided twilight shoot. Oh, and we’ll probably have a beer or two afterwards if anyone’s got any energy left after a full day of learning and a photo shoot. PS. There’s an early bird special that closes on June 22. Enjoy!

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