[update] We have a new micro site for architectural photography workshops which you can find here: www.workshops.nicgranleese.com 


After our workshop in Melbourne we’ve been getting a lot of emails asking where the next workshop is going to be…. um…we haven’t really thought about it. But there’s obviously a lot of interest out there so i’ve thrown together some potential locations below. If you want to make sure it happens then badgering me with a couple emails and a few Tweets is not a bad idea.

Who came to the last workshop? It definitely wasn’t just architects. One person didn’t even own a camera! So it ranged from the complete novice to architects wanting to photograph their own projects to budding architectural photographers who wanted to know how to charge and make a living from architectural photography.

How did it go? Great, it was a lot of fun. Our friend without a camera said it was the most boring day ever, but that’s not surprising if you don’t have a camera! I gave her my spare camera and in the end she found it worthwhile because she wanted to see if architectural photography was her thing. And it wasn’t. She said it required way more patience than she expected. I had never really been conscious of that, but she’s right. To capture a building you spend a lot of time waiting, and waiting. I find it meditative, but completely get how absolutely boring this must seem for the non addicted.

What worked really well was a group circle Q+A where we let the group roam with any topic that interested them. I think this let everyone get what they wanted out of the day and avoided the workshop being too rigid. The Twilight shoot went.. ok…apart from the threatening rain and me choosing a really boring building as the subject. Hey i thought it would make learning easier, but not to worry, a quick change of direction and a new subject was found. An area we didn’t cover at all, but i realise is vital is post production. The process of using software like Lightroom is essential for the overal creation of digital architectural photography. Not understanding it is like taking photos on film, but never developing them. So that’s definitely an area i would like to include next time, or maybe run a dedicated workshop on.

oh.. if you came to the Melbourne workshop you should really leave a comment below. What did you think? How can we improve it? What was good and what was bad?

Where we think we’ll do our next workshops

Brisbane: sometime in late 2012

Sydney: Same as above

Perth: We’d like to, but it’s a long way and i’m not sure how many people we’d get? Speak up folks from WA!

London: (One of my good mates just moved to the UK and i’m looking for a good excuse for a visit. Let me know if you know a good venue)

Stay in the loop

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