Websites for architects using WordPress

I’v just got back to Melbourne after driving 8000km up and down the East Coast of Australia. Along the way I photographed projects for architects like Jolyon Robinson and David Teeland (I’ll upload the pics soon). While I was in Cairns for a week with family I for some unknown reason decided to sit down and work on a side project. I’d had a few architects ask me how I was building my websites and thought it would fun to write a quick guide on how to do it. One week of obsessive writing and I ended up with what I call a web-book. It includes a simple guide to help architects build their own website using WordPress, but more than that, it became a brain dump of all sorts of things that i’ve picked up about architects being online and how the web and social media change the way architects communicate with the world. I make the argument that industries like photography have gone through a form of industrial revolution on the web, with big winners rising from the open sharing of information and the democratization of media. Architecture however has not followed suit, yet. My prediction is that the next generation of architects will be defined by their online presence, which is why websites and everything online excites me. As i mentioned, the majority of this project was written in one week, so don’t expect a perfectly polished master piece. Expect a few spelling errors and scrambled sentences. One of my objectives was to “just get it out there” and then work on expanding and refining it if people find it useful. I should also note that even though the site is all about websites for architects, it applies to architectural photographers too. The website principles is identical for both groups because at the end of the day we booth display images and information about architecture, with the only difference being that architectural photographers display projects from multiple architects.

Here’s some links get you started.

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Contents page.

5 Mistakes architects make with website design.

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