Hi all. Quick post to let you all know that I haven’t forgot about you. Websites for Architects has been sucking a fair bit of my writing time, which I’ve been trying to fit in between photo shoots. It’s photo season here in Melbourne and while there’s good weather it means it’s time to get out there and take as many shots as possible. But I wanted to let you know that more posts are coming and also give you a bit of an update from recent adventures and projects.

How valuable is getting published in a super huge design blog?

I’ve been doing a few projects with Emilio Fuscaldo from Nest Architects and his Splitters Creek house was recently published on Archdaily, which is one the worlds largest design blogs. In that article we both get a link back to our sites so I though it would be a great opportunity to see how much traffic you actually get from being published online. I think you’ll be very surprised by the results.

I’m creating a Wiki that documents my architectural photography process.

As I grow my photography business I need to explain to others how I do what I do. To help train staff i’m creating a wiki and including lots of screencasts. I’m not sure if i’ll make this public yet, but after a beer with Matt Rumbelow and Antony Di Mase it seems that this type of content would be great to share. It’s the bare bones, warts and all sort of instruction guide. If nothing else I should end up with some additional content to add to the blog.

My podcasting equipment has arrived

I’ve been investigating podcasts for a while and would love to get one off the ground. I finally got some equipment and have been doing a couple screens casts for Websites for Architects. I’m still getting over the pain of my own voice and also the staleness of doing instructional videos. Not sure it’s my thing yet and think i’d prefer interviews and group discussions. It’s easier to be more candid. The rough idea at the moment is to bring together several architects and guests for a good lunch, preferably with a few beers. I’m thinking of using a restaurant with a separate room to avoid noise issues. The idea is to have a clear topic, but allow the group to explore ideas naturally. I think the topics will bee more about architects being online, rather than just architectural photography, but at this point it’s an idea in its infancy.

So lots has been going on and time has been a bit squeezed. I hope to get back to a more normal posting schedule next week. Let’s see how I go.