Well yesterday and the release of the architects media kit template saw my blog have the most hits it’s ever had, and the most contact I’ve ever had with people online. I literally was tweeting and emailing from 10am until 11pm! Along the way I met some amazing people and now have a week of coffee meetups, guest blog posts, and interviews. I know I talk about sharing a lot and how powerful it is, but I think this is a prime example of how giving something away gives back ten fold in return. What I wanted to do this morning is tell you about a few of those people I met.

  • Andrew Michler is creating a book titled [Ours] Hyper Localisation of Sustainable Architecture and will be coming to Melbourne next year. You can find out more about the project here.
  • Miles Standish is a photographer and lawyer based in Melbourne and his wife is very, very close to finishing her masters in architecture.
  • Michael Smith is a melbourne based architect and blogs about architecture under the name The Red and Black Architect.
  • Warwick Mihaly from Mihaly Slocombe. Well I already knew Warwick, but thought i’d give his blog Panfilocastaldi a plug anyway.
But the most amazing email I received came in late at night from George Opreff who told me a heart wrenching story about life change after 30 years as an architect, a fight with bone marrow blood cancer, and a love of architectural photography.
I had no idea a word document could bring out such emotion.
We’re getting pretty close to the end of the year so I thinks it’s a fine moment to thank you all for tuning in each week. A blog only existis if there is an audience. And while sometimes I struggle to get enough time in the week to write a post I look back on this year and feel like I’ve met a hell of a lot of good people.