Do you folks out there watch any of the Chase Jarvis Live videos? If you do, you may have already seen this clip, but for those of you who don’t then this is a great panel discussion about Creative Commons licensing with one of the co-founders Larry Lessig. Creative commons is the licensing structure I use and try and support whenever possible. One of the things that stood out for me in this clip is how Larry explains that Creative Commons is not anti copy right laws, it’s actually an extension of copyright to allow and manage the sharing of content. Before the introduction of this type of license you had to either reserve all rights (under copyright), or you had no rights. Of course you could have written your own license, but that’s not feasible for the majority of photographers. Creative Commons therefore gives you a way of clearly marking your work and explaining how people can use it. This is particularly important in this day and age because of social media sharing platforms and user generated content. Creative Commons allows for derivative works and syndication of your images via blogs, but also gives you control over exactly what freedoms you allow.

If you’re not familiar with Chase Jarvis then I definitely recommend checking him out. He is a Seattle based photographer and an advocate for sharing images online and has had a huge impact on thousands of photographers around the world. He has a form of internet talk back show called Chase Jarvis Live which spends around an hour talking to interesting creatives. So this video is not ideal for watching at work (unless your boss is away), but well worth a watch if you have some spare time.