A while back I launched a new micro site for my architectural photography workshops and ran a bit of a competition asking people to help share the site and leave a comment. Well the workshops are just around the corner so I figured I better announce some winners! Here they are, plus their comments (a couple funny ones there).

Greg Wynn

“I have carried many things over my short time as an Urban Sherpa. I’ve carried bags for elderly ladies crossing the street, I’ve carried a substantial belly around for years, I’ve also carried out hilarious capers and quite obviously I’ve carried on a bit here. I am really keen to help out and keen to soak up as much of your wisdom as possible. cheers”

Chris Dowd’s son

My son, Shawn is moving from real estate into photography and is submitting his portfolio tonight to try and get into a dip of Photoimaging at nmit so he would be keen to come too (but has no money!)

Shaun Miller

well Nic I have only ever really shot with micro four thirds… sooo some experience carrying some real equipment might be good for me, and, my photographic abilities! I am certain I will be there anyway and am happy to help out regardless. Things I have carried in no particular order;

a grudge, slack team members, the weight of the world, a grin, unchecked luggage, a big stick

For everyone else, there are tickets available, but only for Brisbane and Melbourne. As a consolation prize though, if you book in the next 48 hours and use the coupon code happychappy you’ll get a 20% discount. Enjoy.