Hi everyone,

About two weeks ago I got to try out webinars for the first time. Eric Bobrow from Internet Marketing For Architects (well worth checking out) invited me onto his show to talk about Websites For Architects. Our topic for that session was the common mistakes that architects make with websites and it’s now available online (see link below). In about 36 hours i’m going to be doing a second webinar which is focused on Media and an Architects Website. This is taking my experiences as an architectural photographer and combining it with my work from Websites For Architects. It’s also a precursor to an e-book i’m working on called the Architects Media Kit, which explains how I use media kits in conjunction with photography and why its important for the online world. You can find out more details about this second webinar here. If you would like to attend you’ll need to register via the previous link.

Hope you can come.


Webinar 1: Mistakes architects make with their websites

Watch the replay here

Webinar 2: Media and an architects website

August 6th, 2013, Tuesday, at 2:00 PM Pacific time (time zone calculator)

Register here