In the next couple posts I want to delve into video and how architects can use it. The topic has been on my radar for a while because of a whole range of reasons which I’ll explain in later posts, but the key message here is that video has a unique ability to tell your story and give a very real insight into your projects.

What I want to share with you today is a video by Santa Barbara Architect Dylan Chappell (check out his site here). It’s such a nice introduction to Dylan and what he does.

The key elements of this video

For other architects thinking about doing their own video I thought it would be worth breaking the video down into simple parts and why I think they work well.

  • It tells Dylan’s story. How he started working for his dad and how he thought he would give architecture a go. It’s also very honest.
  • It builds trust because you get to see who Dylan is.
  • It highlights his background knowledge in construction. Now everyone is going to have a different “thing” that they do well, but again it’s nicely told through simple story telling.
  • He gives a great explanation of why hiring an architect is valuable by saying, “what we do as architects is solve problems and come up with creative solutions.”
  • It’s client focused. Even when Dylan is talking about why he does something, it comes back to achieving a client’s goal.
  • It’s short and effective at 1.50min

How Dylan made the video

I had the chance to skype with Dylan and he told me he did his first video by hiring a student. This overcome some of the hurdles of learning editing software and filming techniques. Once he got the first video out though Dylan decided to start making more of them and tell the story of what he does in more detail. To make this as efficient as possible he got some lighting and video equipment and left it permanently setup in his office. That way he could jump in front of the camera quickly and keep producing this type of content.

I suggest you check out Dylan’s site to see some of his other videos.

Next week

Next week I want to share with you some of the “talking heads” footage from the BIM Day Out and what equipment was used. By for now.