Last week I got an exciting piece of kit. It’s a video slider and for the last couple days i’ve been putting it through it’s paces to see what sort of architectural videos might be possible. Here’e the first footage titled A Moment With Melbourne.

A Moment With Melbourne from Nic Granleese on Vimeo.

Here’s a picture of the video rig below (for those of you who follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram you would have seen this image pop up last week) It’s a 1m Konova K2 slider mounted on two of my existing tripods.

Kinova slider rig for architecture

The slider itself is beautifully smooth and and very solid, but it’s all manual movement. Which means you slide the camera by hand and that’s a real art, especially when doing vertical shots. You may notice in the video that there are a few bumps. That’s why. My conclusion at the moment is that this setup isn’t ready for commercial use (yet), but the proof of concept definitely is. The next step is to motorize the slider so it moves mechanicly and without human error. It’s also going to allow for some pretty amazing time lapse videos. Also on the equipment list is a new device that should allow much larger slide movements of up to 100m. It’s basically an engine that sit’s on a skateboard and pulls itself along a cord. That should make it easier to capture large subjects like architecture. And then there’s the new tripods. My existing photo legs just aren’t strong enough. There’s a fair bit of flex occurring, which you can work around, but it feels like there’s too much stress being applied to places that shouldn’t be stressed.

So there’s a fair bit of testing and experimentation to come. I’m looking for architects right now who want to be part of this testing phase. Get in touch here if you’re interested. And by the end of 2013 we should be 100% ready to offer video alongside still photography.