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Hey everyone,

I’ve got an idea for 2014 that you might want to be a part of. What I want to do is photograph / capture a building only using social media tools like Instagram, Vine etc.

What I’m looking for is

  • One Architect who’s brave enough to volunteer one of their projects.
  • Around 10 social media enabled folks like you.

The basic mud map of the idea is that we get about 10 people on site armed with their mobile phones who explore the building using Instagram photos and Vine Videos. What we end up with is this amazing stream of content being uploaded to social media networks that can be shared in a really big way. The hypothesis is that when one person shares something online it comes and goes, but when there are 10 people talking about something a buzz of conversation starts which snowballs. It’s going to be a really interesting experiment to see how big we can make this with something as small as a mobile phone and a quirky idea. Even better is that it’s live and people from around the world can chime in asking us to explore different parts of the building. Think of it as an interactive tour of a building…. or photography web 2.0 style.

So who wants in? Send me an email here, or leave a comment below.

Find Nic Granleese on Instagram here:


Who’s in so far

  • Elenberg Fraser
  • Breathe Architecture
  • Mihaly Slocombe
  • Andrew Maynard
  • Demasi Architects
  • Nervegna Reed Architecture
  • Branch Studio Architects
  • WoodWoodWard Architecture
  • Architects Eat
  • Plus more who are still figuring out what the hell this is all about.

Starting to think we might need to do a couple projects in one day and make a tour of it.


Quick update as I try and answer questions as they come in.

1. Yep, i’d expect the project will be in Melbourne, unless there’s a super generous architect (or sponsor) who can make it happen somewhere else.

2. You don’t have to be an architect to be part of the Instagram crew. In fact, not being an architect might give a whole new perspective to the project.

3. If you’re a journalist / in the media then it would be great to have you on board. Getting the images out into the world is part of the project.

4. Even if you’re not in Melbourne, or media related, but you’re into social media then your support would be super. The more people we can have to spread the word the better.

5. I’m starting to get submissions from different architects. Not sure how i’m going to choose yet, maybe a public vote, maybe a choice by benevolent dictator (me). In any case if you could send me an email with a photo of the project that would be wonderful.

[update 2]

Just letting everyone know that if you were one of the million people who found out about the Instagram project via ArchDaily yesterday that i’m progressively going through all the emails and comments – Between cocktails of course. It is xmas after all, and about 30 degrees here is Oz. So bear with me and I’ll get back to you shortly with some details.