Hope your all enjoying a good break over Christmas and finding a little bit of time to yourself.

For those of you not already hooked on Podcasts I thought this would be a good time to throw you a couple suggestions your way, and also give a plug to one I was recently on.

How do I listen to a podcast?

  1. Get the app: If you’re on an Iphone you should already have the podcast app installed, if not go and get it for free.
  2. Search for a podcast. Type in a topic, or a specific podcast name like the ones below
  3. Select the episodes you want to download. (You’ll need wifi)
  4. Put your head phones on, go for a walk, or listen to them in the car. I bet once you get into them you’ll feel like your learning so much from time that used to be wasted.

My Suggestions

30 Foot Gorilla

Shah Turner from Perth recently launched a great little podcast called 30 Foot Gorilla with the tag line, “business food for creatives.” If you check out episode 14 (It should be the latest one at the time of writing this post) you can hear me talk to Shah about social media, life and working as a photographer.

30 foot gorilla podcast shah turner

History of photography podcast

Jeff Curto lectures on the history of photography and records each one. It’s like getting a free university course! The biggest thing I’ve learnt from it is that the arguments photographers have about photoshop, HDR, and new cameras are a repeat of similar arguments from the past when photography went through some form of change. There’s also a great episode about “arm chair tourism” which is really applicable to architectural photography.

History of photography podcast

Improve Photography

Jim Harmer is a young guy who studied law and now has a podcast which teaches photography. He does a great job of getting new photographers up to speed, and still manages to throw in some higher level tips. I like Jim’s story because he started to teach because he was learning himself and wanted to share. That resonates with me because it’s very similar to why I blog. He also faced a fair bit of flack when he started from existing photographers (haters are going to hate), but he persevered and has this great respect for other new photographers.

Improve photography podcast

The Smart Passive Income Podcast

Pat Flynn is a former architect in the states who is now a podcasting super star. His topic is all about the online world and how to generate an income online. He interviews a lot of interesting people like Gary Vaynerchuk (Social media guru), Tim Ferris (Author of the 4 Hour Work Week), and many more people who now make their living online. It’s pretty inspiring stuff, but a word of warning. The intro is cheesy and it does have a fair amount of american “I love you audience,” but once you get into it Pat is a genuine guy and can probably teach all of us a lot of how we can work better online and offline.

Smart Passive Income podcast

Seth Godin’s Startup School

This is a series of about 15 episodes that Seth Godin recorded from a master class of students starting new businesses. If you’re not aware of who Seth Godin is, just google “seth” and he’ll be the first listing after Wikipedia. He’s the biggest blogger in the world and speaks about business and marketing. He’s also the author of the The Ideas Virus which became the worlds most read Ebook when he went against the advice of traditional publishers and gave the book away for free. It later went on to become a best seller. So he’s an online guru and demonstrates through action how to break the rules and succeed online.

Seth Godin Startup School

Your turn – What’s your favourite podcast?

Leave a comment below if  you’ve got a favourite podcast.