Book Cover-Lowres-From the Ground Up

I need your help to launch an awesome self funded architecture book (not mine, but I was involved)… But more on that after I tell you what the book is about.

From the Ground-up: 20 Stories of a Life in Architecture, by Dean Dewhirst launches this Friday (31st Oct – yes Halloween!). What makes this book so great is that’s it’s the life stories of real australian architects.

Most architecture books just talk about the finished physical product, but From the Ground Up delves into the life journey of people from all sorts of backgrounds. Where did they start from? What were their struggles? And what drove them to keep going? It’s not often we veer away from “the starchitects” to find the honest life lessons of architects on the coal face. That’s the true beauty of this project.

My contribution to this book is the portrait photography and also a video series where I got to sit down with each architect and do a behind the scenes interview. Raw, rough and beautiful. (thanks to all the assistants that helped make this bonus footage in each city – Catherine Bailey, David McEvoy + Dave Sharp). I’ve embedded a couple of those videos below, but you can find the whole series on Youtube here.

So, how can you help?

If you’ve got social media please tell people about the book, and share the videos. If you find a video that particularly resonates with you tweet about it and link back to it.

The official book page can be found here:


If you’re in Melbourne there’s a couple launch events that are part of the Melbourne Architectural Annual celebrations. If you have social media, please spread the word!

Friday Oct 31 – AIA building – Official Launch – Free if you’re an institute member

Sat Nov 1 – Fed Square Deakin Edge – Talk series with several of the architects in the book – Free


Find more videos here.