If you didn’t already know, we launched MediaMap on Monday!

You can check it out here: http://mediamap.co/

If you’ve been following along with my journey you’ll know that it started back in Feb when I wanted to make a contact list for architectural media. That turned into an epic journey where I decided to take the leap and become a startup founder. 9 months later and we have a working product that’s ready for the world. But what does it matter? And how do architects and architectural photographers use it anyway??

macbook air media kit

So here’s a quick rundown of what it does.

Let’s say you’re an architect and you’ve just had a beautiful project photographed and you want to get some publicity around it. Or maybe you’re the architectural photographer and want to provide an extra service on top of your photos to help get your clients published. With MediaMap you can build beautiful online mediakits and then use it’s media database to find publications, editors and writers. What’s great for photographers is that you can include hi res images in the media kit so that editors can download them directly without having to use other services like dropbox. It also makes several different sizes of your images to avoid having to do that yourself, and you can control who has access to what size. Photographer attribution is also included in the media kits and it has creative commons licensing built in for anyone that way inclined. Obviously you can see that the way I work has been a big influence on this product. It’s really mapping (pardon the pun) out my workflow and making it as simple as possible. Oh, and one last feature is that you can embed the mediakits into your own site. There’s a whole article just on what you could do with that just waiting to be written.

But what’s the point of a mediakit? Well it overcomes two really big problems that stop architects from getting published. The first is that the biggest complaint from editors about architects is how long they take to respond to media requests. Imagine you’re a newspaper journalist. You’ve got seriously short deadlines like 12 hours, which basically means get me content now, or miss the boat. A mediakit therefore prepares all the photos and text that the media will likely need to publish a story, and brings down the back and forth of a story to almost zero, instead of days, weeks, or even months.

But who exactly do you send your mediakit to? Well the reason MediaMap has taken 9 months to get off the ground is because we’ve been busy mapping out the worlds architectural media. We’ve been searching for magazines, blogs, newspapers, podcasts, editors and writers. So far we’re up to about 1800 entries and this will grow in time because we’ve built what i’m calling a “crowd sourced” database which means every user can add and update publications and media contacts. That concept is pretty important because what I’m really trying to do is make architectural media more transparent. In the past getting coverage was all about people having “the list” and that usually meant paying for a PR professional, or a full time media person. That worked just fine for big firms, but left everyone else out in the cold. MediaMap levels the playing field and my hope is that we’ll see far more smaller architects becoming media savvy.

iMac search mediamap

How has MediaMap been received?

My big fear was that people were going to hate it, fear it, or even worse, ignore it. But like most fears, they’re imaginary and instead the response has been….I’m trying to avoid the word amazing, or fantastic! …instead i’m going to say heart warming. The supportive emails that have been flowing in have given me great hope that MediaMap is something many people have wanted for a long time and something they want to see succeed.

The response from the media has also been great. Publications have come on board to make sure they’re in the system and now they want content from architects. I couldn’t really ask for more. Editors are already searching for projects, MediaMap just streamlines the process. The exciting thing right now is that because MediaMap is new, editors want to try it. So if you’ve got a project that’s already been photographed and ready to launch out into the world please let me know. We want as many case studies as we can get. So help us, and we’ll help you.

PS. I keep saying we. That’s because I just took on a co-founder. It’s been a massive week and it’s only Wednesday! More on my new co-founder later.

What are you waiting for. Stop reading and go check out MediaMap