If you missed all the Twitter action on Friday, and the blog posts following it, Canon finally announced a hi resolution DSLR to compete against the likes of the Nikon D800 and Sony A7r. I’ve been waiting almost 4 years for this camera, and for a long time it felt like Canon was never going to cater to architectural and landscape photographers. But that is all set to change once Canon finally releases the 5Ds, which is meant to occur mid 2015 and come with a cost of around $au4700.

canon 5ds

Here’s my first thoughts.

  • 50mp is great, but will I actually use it? Unless I’m printing large, or cropping small it won’t be all that useful. The one use case I see as being useful is awards boards (printing at A2).
  • What i’m more interested in is dynamic range. That’s because balancing light between the inside of a building and outside becomes easier as dynamic range increases. There’s no info on this yet, but it’s rumoured that the 5Ds sensor is a Sony sensor [see comment below], so it wouldn’t be unexpected if it matches the Nikon D800, or Sony A7r, which both use Sony sensors. I was talking to David McEvoy about this on Friday and he pointed out that Magic Lantern can hack most Canon DLSRs to output an extra 1-2 stops of dynamic range, so this dynamic range issue may not even be an issue, even for older DLSR users. I’m going to investigate this hack.
  • What is the colour tone like? Something I love about the Nikon D800 is the colours of the images. Again there’s no examples or comparison for the 5Ds yet.
  • At $4700, i’ve got to ask if its worth it compared to the Sony A7r at $1900. The Canon body will obviously be native to existing Canon lenses (important for auto focus and some exif data), but the Sony can use almost any lens, has a small form factor and has 36mp. Personally I think I’ll stick with Canon, but I think it is a fair question.

What about you? What’s your thoughts on Canon’s new camera?