My first post in 17 months! Is anyone still there??

So… In this exciting post we find out Nic didn’t die climbing mt Everest while trying to save baby seals lost up a mountain. (His humour though is still lost).

What’s actually been happening?
As some of you know I’ve been building a startup company called BowerBird. It’s been a huge project and challenging in all sorts of exciting ways. Since feb 2015 I’ve had my head deep in code and to be honest, it hasn’t been all that conducive to being active on social media or writing blog posts. But the app is launched and I’ve finally got some headspace to do some other stuff, like write a blog post or two. I can’t promise I’ll be all that consistent, I was never very good at writing regularly, but there are lots of posts I’ve been wanting to write. Some startup related, some photography related, some media related, but all of them circling around architecture. With that in mind, if you subscribed to the blog years ago and that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you can always subscribe.