Hi everyone,

Following up from yesterday about the upcoming architectural photography workshop happening in Melbourne on Sat Nov 19. There’s a fair few people also interested in a post production class. What I’ve done is add a second event on Eventbrite called Lightroom for Architectural Photography, which you can find here. We only have room for about 10 people so it will be a smaller class. You’ll be able to bring your own laptop so it will be interactive and take you through the second half of the photography process which is editing. The timing will be 10am to 2pm so it’s not an uncivilised early morning, and it’s not too late for anyone needing to fly somewhere in the evening. If you need to bring luggage to the office you’ll be able to do that too. There’s more info on the booking page and here’s both the links again.

Architectural photography workshop – Saturday 19 Nov >>

Lightroom for Architectural Photography – Sunday 20 Nov >>