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So you want to take photos of buildings? Where do you start? I’m going to approach this guide as if you’re my friend and you’ve come to ask me what camera you should buy for architectural photography. We’re assuming here that you don’t have any experience with photography. The first thing I’m going to tell […]Continue Reading


I met up with a journo with about 20 years of newspaper experience in architectural media last week. We talked about how architects engage with the media and it was fascinating to hear their point of view, and also some of their frustrations when working with architects. A big issue they raised was architects responding […]Continue Reading


Let’s start off by understanding that not all social media platforms are made equal. You can’t just choose one over another and think it is going to have the same effect. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google Plus are all very different beasts and most importantly, they have different communities. They have different groups of real, living […]Continue Reading


Learning Through Equipment When people first started asking me to teach them about architectural photography my instinct was to talk about equipment. I wanted to talk about the camera and the types of lenses they should use. I wanted to talk about tripods and remote triggers. I wanted to talk about polarizing filters, mega pixels, […]Continue Reading


Welcome to the brand new blog for Nic Granleese. I’ve been meaning to start this blog for quite some time, but i didn’t want to until i had a clear focus on what i would write about. I didn’t want to do a diary style blog, which just talks about myself.  Really, my day to […]Continue Reading