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I had a chance to have a very brief play with a Samyang 24mm Tilt Shift Lens last week, which is a budget tilt shift lens that mimics my favourite lens for architecture, the Canon 24mm TSE ii. Priced under $1000 this lens makes for an interesting option for someone wanting to get into the tilt […]Continue Reading


I need your help to launch an awesome self funded architecture book (not mine, but I was involved)… But more on that after I tell you what the book is about. From the Ground-up: 20 Stories of a Life in Architecture, by Dean Dewhirst launches this Friday (31st Oct – yes Halloween!). What makes this book so […]Continue Reading


[intro from Nic] I met Jonathon Griggs recently at Raising the Bar (It’s a Friday after work drinks / networking event for architects and designers in Melbourne – well worth checking out. More info here). So Jonathon is a professional photographer freshly back from the UK and he’s got a cool toy he’s been using for architectural photography. It’s a […]Continue Reading


I met up with Melbourne photography student Marion Abada this morning and she showed me her portfolio which included these great pics of silos from around Melbourne. They really inspired me to get out there and do more personal projects. Hope it inspires you too. You can find more of her work at  Continue Reading


I got to play with some smart lights over at Statkus Architecture this morning, and i’m impressed, really impressed. I’ll explain why they matter for architectural photography below, but I wanted to say this is a first impressions post. Next week we’re going to photograph a project with these lights and i’ll be able to provide […]Continue Reading


If you’ve been following my social channels for the last couple days you may be wondering what’s going on with the #IamSol stuff. Basicly the Mexican beer company Sol, is running a media campaign based on the idea of independence and they’ve hired 12 independent creatives who have a social media media following to help […]Continue Reading


Here’s a sneak preview of the new online version of the Architect’s Media Kit. This online media kit can be embedded in a website just like a Youtube clip. It holds Hi Res photos online so editors can download images directly from your site and it plugs into the MediaMap database, making it a big […]Continue Reading


In this post I want to have a think about clouds in architectural photography. This isn’t going to be the “ultimate guide to clouds” but more of an exploration for both you and me. I’ve wanted to write this post for some time because clouds are very much the backdrop of any external architectural photo. And […]Continue Reading


It’s cold and wintery here in Melbourne, so i’m stuck inside on a Sunday afternoon editing photos from a recent shoot with Melbourne architect Ben Callery – very nice project Ben. As I’m doing some retouching I thought it would be interesting to hit the record button and create a timelapse style video of the process. In […]Continue Reading


Hi everyone,If you’ve been following my MediaMap project then you’ll know that this year i’m building a startup that allows architects to create media kits online and then send it to editors via a database of the world’s architectural media. In May I showed MediaMap to a range of architects and based on their feedback redesigned the […]Continue Reading