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I came across this absolutely stunning time lapse film titled Cityscape Chicago by photographer Eric Hines and wanted to share it with you. I was so inspired that within 10 minutes I was searching for an email so that I could ask him for an interview. To my amazement, and despite being on the other side of […]Continue Reading


Ok, time for something new for the blog. What I want to do is show you a photo from a recent shoot and then explain the settings I used, where I was positioned and what time of the day it was. The idea here is to allow those of you who live near the subject […]Continue Reading


This week I got the chance to use a scissor lift for the first time on a photo shoot and I wanted to share with you some of the logistics and the things I learnt along the way. All the photos in this post are by Catherine Bailey who I’m going to be mentoring this […]Continue Reading


I came across this great article last week over on by Richard Sexton who walks through the many different cameras he’s used for architectural photography in his thirty year career and why his current workhorse camera is a Canon 5Dii (i’m assuming here that the article was written before the release of the mark iii). Richard […]Continue Reading


It’s a complete honour today to have a guest post from American architectural photographer Brad Feinknopf. Brad has been shooting for more than 25 years and in this post he talks about the three Ms of making good architectural imagery: Meaning, Moment, and Method. You can see some of Brad’s recent work in the January […]Continue Reading


A while back I launched a new micro site for my architectural photography workshops and ran a bit of a competition asking people to help share the site and leave a comment. Well the workshops are just around the corner so I figured I better announce some winners! Here they are, plus their comments (a […]Continue Reading


I’m sitting here at Melbourne airport waiting to fly up to Cairns (It’s a surprise for my mothers’s 70th Birthday!) and I’m doing a bit of web surfing while I’m waiting and came across a great documentary on Youtube on architectural photography that I think you may like. It’s called Visual Acoustics and celebrates the life of […]Continue Reading


In this post I want to compare some of the common places architectural photography is used against their pixel size. This is useful for knowing what export sizes to use, but it also illustrates some of the trends occurring because of the internet, and also how many megapixels your camera needs to achieve them. Pixel size: 960px wide […]Continue Reading


I stumbled upon this youtube clip by Matthew Gore recently and wanted to share it with you. He does a very good job at explaining the concept of “sharpening” and how to use Lightroom to do it. For those of you not familiar with sharpening, it’s part of the post processing of an image done in […]Continue Reading


Yesterday I wrote a post titled “Should You Work For Free?” It sparked a wide range of emotional comments from anger to confusion. Today I wanted to follow up with a story to place it in context and to explain how one free project changed my life. In early 2012 I accepted a project by […]Continue Reading