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Download the Nic Granleese media kit template here Hi all, I’ve just made my media kit template public and I’ll give you a link to it further down, but I just wanted to tell you some of the story behind it. Back in February one of my first posts was called the architects media kit checklist. It […]Continue Reading


Hi folks. Here’s a very practical post today. It’s my basic process for selecting and developing images. On a typical project I’ll shoot somewhere between 500 and 1000 frames. Some of those are multiple shots that need to be stitched together, others are reject shots that didn’t work out. The aim is to filter this massive “data […]Continue Reading


Hi all. Quick post to let you all know that I haven’t forgot about you. Websites for Architects has been sucking a fair bit of my writing time, which I’ve been trying to fit in between photo shoots. It’s photo season here in Melbourne and while there’s good weather it means it’s time to get […]Continue Reading


This is a tiny guide to architectural photography that you can print off, fold up and keep in your pocket/wallet. I put it together earlier this year for the workshop I ran as a summary of all the basic steps required for architectural photography.  It includes a lot of the diagrams I’ve created for the […]Continue Reading


I was asked earlier this week by Michell Guo, who came along to my architectural photography workshop earlier this year, to critique some of her photos. I’ve never done this before so it was interesting to think about what elements to examine. I wanted to avoid a simple subjective comment such as I like it or […]Continue Reading


I got a great little question in my inbox earlier in the week which i’m going to use as the basis of this blog post. It asks, how do I sell my architectural photos online? Before i get into it though I want to take a couple tangents. The first is that I think the idea […]Continue Reading


I’v just got back to Melbourne after driving 8000km up and down the East Coast of Australia. Along the way I photographed projects for architects like Jolyon Robinson and David Teeland (I’ll upload the pics soon). While I was in Cairns for a week with family I for some unknown reason decided to sit down and […]Continue Reading


Architectural photography shoots don’t have to be boring. Here’s an easy way to make the shoot more fun and get better shots by including the design team. There’s lots of different ways to photograph a building. Sometimes the architect comes with you, sometimes you’re all by yourself. There’s pros and cons to both, but here’s […]Continue Reading


Hi all. Apologies for not getting a post out to you last week, I was up in Cairns visiting family and having a some R&R time. Because I’ve been traveling a lot this year I have been working hard to make everything I do as mobile as I can. I essentially run a virtual office with almost everything online. I’ll […]Continue Reading


When is the right time to photograph a newly completed building? Should you wait 6 months for the landscaping to mature or should you get in straight away while the earth is still bear and there are less distractions like client furniture or gardens that hide the best vantage points? There isn’t one right answer, […]Continue Reading