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I’m pretty excited this week because Stuart Harrison’s lastest book, New Sub-Urban is out, and to my surprise one of my favourite, but least seen images is on the front cover. It’s what I call the “sexy legs” shot and is part of a much larger panorama of the well known Hill House by Andrew Maynard. In […]Continue Reading


Last week I got an exciting piece of kit. It’s a video slider and for the last couple days i’ve been putting it through it’s paces to see what sort of architectural videos might be possible. Here’e the first footage titled A Moment With Melbourne. A Moment With Melbourne from Nic Granleese on Vimeo. Here’s a […]Continue Reading


I’ve just spent the last couple weeks completing one the biggest photo projects I’ve ever done. 20 architects, in 20 days, all around Australia. It’s for a book that is due to be released later this year by Uro Media and will tell the story of these amazing people. Having a chance to sit down with each […]Continue Reading


In the next couple posts I want to delve into video and how architects can use it. The topic has been on my radar for a while because of a whole range of reasons which I’ll explain in later posts, but the key message here is that video has a unique ability to tell your […]Continue Reading


Hi everyone, About two weeks ago I got to try out webinars for the first time. Eric Bobrow from Internet Marketing For Architects (well worth checking out) invited me onto his show to talk about Websites For Architects. Our topic for that session was the common mistakes that architects make with websites and it’s now available […]Continue Reading


Hi all, I’m over here in Perth doing a talk on Photogrammetry, which is the creation of 3D models using photography. I talked about this briefly back in April (see post here) and explained that this was completely new territory for me and my talk would be my first experiences with using ReCap, which is […]Continue Reading


I’ve been super busy in the last month writing over on Websites For Architects, which is a side project I set up last year. It’s got all sorts of content about how architects can work online and get more out of their projects. Well worth a read. Today though I want to share with a […]Continue Reading


Next week I’m off to Tasmania to be part of a media discussion panel with editor of Houses Magazine Katelin Butler (@KatelinButler) and former BVN media guru Alysia Bennett (@Alysia_Bennett). We’re going to be talking to architects about media and promotion and how they can share their architecture and ideas. We’re going to be covering traditional media, new […]Continue Reading


In July this year there’s something very cool happening in Perth called the BIM Day Out. As you can imagine it’s all about BIM (building information modelling) which i’m sure any of you architects out there will be familiar with, but for photographers reading along it’s basically 3D modelling of buildings injected with lots and lots of data. One of the […]Continue Reading


I got some new toys and wanted to share them with you, and it’s not photography gear, it’s audio equipment. It’s for recording interviews and hopefully at some stage uploading them as a podcast. So let me take you through a little bit of my podcasting experience as a listener and also as someone figuring […]Continue Reading