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Wow, that title is quite a mouth full, but these are just a couple of the topics covered in a recent interview I had with Michael Smith for his blog, The Red and Black Architect. I’m not going to copy and paste the full interview here, but instead suggest you jump over to his blog and […]Continue Reading


Do you folks out there watch any of the Chase Jarvis Live videos? If you do, you may have already seen this clip, but for those of you who don’t then this is a great panel discussion about Creative Commons licensing with one of the co-founders Larry Lessig. Creative commons is the licensing structure I […]Continue Reading


Hi all, An Australian TV station asked me last week if I knew of any WOW houses they could feature. They can be anywhere in Australia, but the clients will want to be on TV and have a camera crew on site for a day and a half. So it’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely good […]Continue Reading


Well yesterday and the release of the architects media kit template saw my blog have the most hits it’s ever had, and the most contact I’ve ever had with people online. I literally was tweeting and emailing from 10am until 11pm! Along the way I met some amazing people and now have a week of coffee meetups, […]Continue Reading


Download the Nic Granleese media kit template here Hi all, I’ve just made my media kit template public and I’ll give you a link to it further down, but I just wanted to tell you some of the story behind it. Back in February one of my first posts was called the architects media kit checklist. It […]Continue Reading


Hi folks. Here’s a very practical post today. It’s my basic process for selecting and developing images. On a typical project I’ll shoot somewhere between 500 and 1000 frames. Some of those are multiple shots that need to be stitched together, others are reject shots that didn’t work out. The aim is to filter this massive “data […]Continue Reading


Hi all. Quick post to let you all know that I haven’t forgot about you. Websites for Architects has been sucking a fair bit of my writing time, which I’ve been trying to fit in between photo shoots. It’s photo season here in Melbourne and while there’s good weather it means it’s time to get […]Continue Reading


This is a tiny guide to architectural photography that you can print off, fold up and keep in your pocket/wallet. I put it together earlier this year for the workshop I ran as a summary of all the basic steps required for architectural photography.  It includes a lot of the diagrams I’ve created for the […]Continue Reading


I was asked earlier this week by Michell Guo, who came along to my architectural photography workshop earlier this year, to critique some of her photos. I’ve never done this before so it was interesting to think about what elements to examine. I wanted to avoid a simple subjective comment such as I like it or […]Continue Reading


I got a great little question in my inbox earlier in the week which i’m going to use as the basis of this blog post. It asks, how do I sell my architectural photos online? Before i get into it though I want to take a couple tangents. The first is that I think the idea […]Continue Reading