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I received an unexpected email from a guy called Jon Denham (find him on Twitter here) this week asking me how i started in architectural photography. We swapped a couple emails and I thought it might be worth sharing them with the rest of the world. Dear Nic, I am currently working on a portfolio of […]Continue Reading


Learning Through Equipment When people first started asking me to teach them about architectural photography my instinct was to talk about equipment. I wanted to talk about the camera and the types of lenses they should use. I wanted to talk about tripods and remote triggers. I wanted to talk about polarizing filters, mega pixels, […]Continue Reading


Welcome to the brand new blog for Nic Granleese. I’ve been meaning to start this blog for quite some time, but i didn’t want to until i had a clear focus on what i would write about. I didn’t want to do a diary style blog, which just talks about myself.  Really, my day to […]Continue Reading