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This post is an intro into perspective control of architectural photography. Below is a diagram that illustrates what is meant by a perspective correct image and what is meant by a building that is falling away. The building on the left has vertical lines that are parallel (Perspective correct), while the building on the right has vertical lines that […]Continue Reading


Today we’re going to delve into the topic of focal length and how it relates to architectural photography. There’s a lot of info already on the web explaining what focal length is (some of it quite technical because it’s all about optics). So we’re not going to repeat what’s already out there. Instead we’re going […]Continue Reading


Weather plays a huge part in architectural photography and often getting the money shot is about having the patience to wait for the right conditions. So I spend a fair bit of time looking at weather forecasts trying to figure out which days are going to be great photo days and which ones aren’t worth getting […]Continue Reading


Twilight is a favourite time of day for many architectural photographers (me included), but I find myself choosing to shoot during the middle of the day more and more often. So much so that i’ve come to the conclusion that twilight is not the be all and end all of architectural photography and that strong […]Continue Reading