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We’re doing our Melbourne architectural photography workshop on Sat Nov 22. It’s going to be a 1/2 day workshop running from about 3pm until 9pm (sunset) – This is the same format we used in Adelaide earlier this year and it worked really well.

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The way it works is that about 10 of us meetup mid afternoon (3pm) at the Melbourne Museum. We’ll start of with a 101 on how to setup your camera and what settings to use for architectural photography. Even if you’re pretty savvy with this sort of stuff it will be a good refresher course. If you’ve got no idea what you’re doing it will give you the basics (exposure, aperture, lenses, cameras, tripods) and some confidence. The whole session works as a Q&A session so that we can cover everyone’s level. So if you have very particular questions about tilt shift lenses, long exposures, time lapse, or anything else then please bring those questions along.

Once the 101 is covered we’ll set off on a walking tour so we can shoot a variety of buildings and test out what we learnt in the 101. We’ll see how the sun is lighting different buildings and how some shots work and others don’t. We’ll be able to see a variety of cameras in action (we normally have a lovely range of old and new DSLRs in the group – and it’s amazing to see the differences between them). I’ll bring my kit along and show you how I use tilt shift lenses to control parallel lines, how to use a geared tripod head, and how to expose a shot correctly using a histogram (don’t worry if that sounds complicated – it’s easier than you think).

The finale is when we hit twilight and we can take some hero shots with exposures between 2-30 seconds. You’ll get to see how the sun changes, and the difference between what your eye sees and what the camera sees.

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What skill level is the course for?

People who have come in the past have had skills ranging from zero, up to people who are already getting paid jobs. I normally start off with the basics that beginners need, and then pair off with more experienced people in the group and chat about everything from technique, to social media, to running a business.

What equipment do I need?

A camera is a good start, but people have turned up without one before. No kidding! A starting point is a camera and a tripod. If you’ve got a DSLR bring that. And if you have a wide angle lens that’s a bonus. A remote trigger also comes in handy.

Check out this video from last years workshops for info about equipment.

Can I get CPD points for attending?

Yes. You can normally claim 1 point for each hour of the workshop. But you’ll need to check your state’s exact rules.

Is beer compulsory?

No, but we generally find a pub somewhere along the walk to take a break and recharge.


Melbourne Architectural Photography Workshop: Sat 22 Nov


Architectural photography workshop with Nic Granleese.

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