Professional architectural photographer and author of Architectural Photography for Architects, Nic Granleese, leads a full day workshop that takes complete novices and teaches them a step by step process to get amazing photos of architecture.

The workshop will teach you how to set up your camera gear for architectural photography no matter what camera you have. You’ll learn how to get your camera off auto and the principles behind photography of buildings. The workshop will close with a guided twilight shoot and hands-on tutoring.

This is an open workshop and the general public are welcome to attend. 

What you will learn

  • The fundamental technique of architectural photography, which will be a building block of more advanced architectural photography techniques.
  • The photography equipment required for the fundamental technique and how to set up your individual camera for architectural photography.
  • The photography principles behind each step of fundamental technique
  • How to get off auto settings and use aperture priority mode for architectural photography.
  • The best time of day to photograph architecture and why this is so.
  • Lots about architectural photography, but in a simple and fun way!

What equipment will you need

Camera You can use any camera you have, but cameras with manual settings are recommended. If you are unsure please contact us via email. Also, don’t forget to charge your batteries before attending and bring a memory card for the camera.
Tripod You will need a tripod to participate in the twilight shoot. Any tripod will suffice, but a tripod with a 3 way head is recommended.
Remote Trigger (optional) This is not absolutely necessary, but they are highly recommended as they allow you to trigger the camera without shaking it.
Camera spirit level (Optional) 3 axis spirit level that sits in the hot shoe of the camera. You don’t need one, but if you want to get level or perspective correct images this item is recommended. You can find them on ebay for around $5 or from your local camera store for $50! Here’s an example. (New model cameras may have electronic versions of this built in)

Experience Level Required

This is an introductory course in architectural photography. No prior experience is required.

CPD Points

Architects participating in this workshop are eligible for 1 formal CPD point per hour. The total number of CPD points available may vary depending on the state of registration. Some states limit the number of CPD points obtained from any one sitting.

Is this workshop tax deductible?

Absolutely if you’re using this course as part of your continuing professional development


Yes, if you’re well behaved.

More info?

Contact us here

Melbourne 14th July 2012

Location: The Hub @ Dockalnds, 80 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands, Melbourne.

Time: 9am – 6.30pm

$380 Book Now